Bird Precision Remains Sole Glass Jewel Maker After 100 Years

Bird Precision –setting the standard of excellence since 1913

Our History

From the first landing on the moon to World War II battleships to 20th century fiber optics and fluidics, Bird Precision, makers of precision jewels (low friction, high precision components) since 1913, continues to keep tiny-but important-wheels, hands and dials of the world moving.

As they have been for 100 years, Bird Precision is the only precision glass jewel manufacturing plant in the United States and is still the forerunner in new applications for the precision jewel industry-specifically micro miniature precision orifices, nozzle and restrictors for the hydraulics and pneumatics industry.

Founded 100 years ago by Richard H. Bird after he left the famed Waltham Watch Company, Bird Precision originally manufactured jeweled bearings for pocket watches. In 1938 Bird was joined by Randall P. Cameron, Sr., and together they pioneered method of using economical hard glass in applications that formerly used only synthetic sapphire and ruby, revolutionizing the precision jewel industry.

With this knowledge, Bird Precision has played an integral role in the advancement of state-of-the-art technology. Through applications of precision jewels, Bird Precision has made possible watt hour meters, avionic instrumentation (for which they won the coveted Army-Navy “E” award), panel meters, marine compasses and parts for computer operated machinery.

Competition from foreign markets, emergence of glass replacing the sapphire and ruby jewels and most markedly, diversification of the market in instrumentation and controls has encouraged Bird to continue to move in different directions. Bird Precision maintains an impeccable reputation for precision component fabrication, repeatability and economy of high quality production.

Today, the competitive and innovative spirit remains solid. Under the direction of President Carl J. Cunningham, a 40+ year veteran, and Paul Baillio, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, with 35+ years experience at Bird, Bird Precision continues the tradition of seeking out new applications, yet never losing sight.