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Filters / Filter Orifice Insert Threaded

Here are a number of threaded filter and orifice products to choose from.

These threaded orifice and filter inserts come in stainless screws.
0.189 dia RB 82177    Threaded Filtered Orifice Insert, 10-32 Thread x .195" Long, Stainless Screw ,Stainless Filter and Ruby Orifice
These threaded orifice and filter inserts come in brass screws.
0.118 dia RB 82140    Threaded Filtered Orifice Inserts, M3 thread x .120" Long, Brass Screw ,Stainless Filter, Ruby Orifice
0.138 dia RB 82020    Filtered Orifice Insert 6-32 Thread x .195" Long, Brass Screw, Stainless Filter
0.189 dia RB 82090    Filtered Orifice Insert 10-32 Thread x .195" Long, Brass Screw, Stainless Filter, Sapphire Conical Orifice
0.189 dia RB 82464    10-32 thread,x .245" long, brass screw , dual stainless filter,ruby orifice, Threaded Filtered Orifice Insert.

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