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Orifices for Easy Insertion / Threaded

Orifice inserts are available as press-in, threaded, barbed or plate type orifices. These orifice inserts are easy to install into a variety of applications.

The combination of ruby's unique corrosion and wear resistance coupled with stainless material make these threaded inserts ideal for harsh environments.
0.138 dia RB 84032    Stainless, Threaded Orifice Insert 6-32 Thread x.190" Long Slotted
0.160 dia RB 82458    Stainless,Threaded Orifice insert, M4 x 0.7 thread x .160 "long, hex socket drive
0.190 dia RB 82134    Stainless Threaded Orifice Insert, 10-32 Thread Size, x.195" Long
0.190 dia RB 82513    Stainless Threaded Orifice Insert 10-32 thread, x .195" long
0.300 dia RB 82649    Stainless Threaded Orifice Insert 1/16-27 NPT Pipe Thread, .260" Length
0.400 dia RB 82754    Stainless Threaded Orifice Insert, 1/8-27 NPT Pipe Thread, .290" Long
Brass threaded inserts are ideal for general applications from micro metering to medical gas. These inserts are an economical solution for accurate, repeatable orifices.
0.100 dia RB 82453    Threaded Orifice Insert 3-56 Thread x .130" Long
0.112 dia RB 82344    Brass Threaded Orifice Insert 4-40 thread x .177/.188" long
0.112 dia RB 82431    Brass Threaded Insert 3M x 0.5" Thread Size x .120" Length
0.138 dia RB 84032    Brass Threaded Orifice Insert 6-32 Thread x .190 Long
0.164 dia RB 82584    Brass Threaded Orifice Insert Thread Size 8-32 Length .190"
0.190 dia RB 82535    Brass Threaded Orifice Insert 10-32 Thread, Hex Socket Drive, x .165" Long
0.190 dia RB 83240    Brass Threaded Orifice Insert 10-32 thread x .190" long
0.216 dia RB 82373    Brass Threaded Orifice Insert #12-24 Thread Size Approx. .250" Long
0.312 dia RB 82043    Brass Threaded Orifice Insert 5/16-24 thread size approx. .250" long
0.400 dia RB 82608    Brass Threaded Orifice Insert 1/8-27 NPT .290" long
0.550 dia RB 82129    Brass Threaded Orifice Insert pipe thread 1/4-18NPT .45" length
Plastic threaded are not available at this time.

0.189 dia RB 82451    Male to Male Orifice Nylon Insert 10-32

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