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Orifice Connectors & Fittings / Inline for flexible tube to tube

Inline Connector Fittings for flexible tube designs are available in brass and an assortment of plastic materials. Our products fit most common flexible tubing with ID sizes of 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" although other sizes may also be possible.

0.060 dia RB 82385    303 stainless inline connector for 1/16"ID flexible tube
Brass Inline Orifice Tube Fittings are a good choice where strength and space are of concern.
0.062 dia RB 82385    Inline Brass Connector for 1/16" ID Flexible Tubing
Plastic Inline Orifice Tube Fittings offer economy and a wide choice in materials. Bird also offers the designer an economical orifice kit. This kit includes 7 orifice sizes that are color coded for convenience. See RB82715.
0.062 dia RB 82516    Inline Connector Kynar For 1/16" ID Flexible Tubing
0.125 dia RB 82472    Inline Connector Kynar for 1/8" ID Flexible Tubing
0.125 dia RB 82715    Inline Connector Nylon for 1/8" ID Flexible Tubing
0.250 dia RB 82426    Inline Nylon Connector for 1/4" ID Flexible Tubing

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