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Orifice Connectors & Fittings

We have a wide variety of fittings and connectors that incorporate an orifice.

Port Connector  
Port Connector Orifices are almost always stainless steel although brass can be an option. Port connectors allow the installation of an orifice or filter directly inline in a stainless steel tube layout. Orifice sizes are available ranging from .0004" thru .081"  

Male Connector  
Male Connector Orifice Fittings are primarily stainless steel, although brass is also possible.

The threads on male connectors are usually pipe threads. This allows for many options of installations. Orifice sizes can range from .0004" thru .035". Filtration is an option.

Union Orifice Connectors are popular since they come complete with the ferrules and nuts that are required. The orifice and/or filter is recessed into the connector. We also carry the face seal variety that have straight threads and instead of utilizing ferrules they seal face to face with the mating fitting.  

Tee Compression  
Brass Tee Compression Fitting allows an orifice to be placed in the branch side male compression end. This fitting is for 1/4" brass tubing size.

The other end of the inline is a male 1/8 NPT connection.


Gland, Gasket Orifice Connectors are an easy way to introduce a precision orifice into a face seal, stainless tube system. We offer several different size connectors depending on stainless tube size.  

NPT Male x Female  
Male to Male and Male to Female NPT Connector Orifice Fittings are available in stainless and brass materials.

Plastics are possible on a custom basis.

Orifice sizes can range from .0004" thru .081" , depending on fitting choice.

Filtration may also be an option.

Inline for flexible tube to tube  
Inline Connectors are a convenient component to add either an orifice and/or filter in a flexible tube system. For barb sizes 1/16" and 1/8", your choices for orifice sizes are .0004" thru .035". For 1/4" barb sizes larger orifice sizes up to .081". Can be made available on a custom basis. Filtration can be an option.  

Threaded to flexible tube  
Threaded to Tube Orifice Fittings come in a variety of thread types and barb sizes. Choices of threads are tapered threads, straight threads and NPT.

Barb sizes can be 1/16", 1/8", .170" and 1/4" for most common flexible tubing.

Y & T for flexible tube  
Y & T Connector Orifice Fittings are only available in plastic at this time. These products are designed to fit flexible tubing with an ID of .125". Filters are an option.  

Face Seal Threaded  
Face Seal Threaded Orifice Fittings help insure a positive seal between the orifice fitting and receptor port.

We have 2 thread sizes to offer. 10-32 thread and our mini-thread 2-56 for those tight size applications.

Materials are brass and steel.

Quick Connect  
Quick Connect Orifice Connectors allow a flexible tube to be slip fit into its receptacle while the other male end threads into a port.

Orifice sizes range from .0004" thru .035". But larger sizes are available as well depending on the fitting.


Leur Style  
Leur Style Connectors are convenient and easy to install into flexible tube systems. We offer 2 choices, but there are many other possible options. Orifice sizes available from .0004" thru .035".  


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