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We have a wide variety of filters that incorporate an orifice..

Filter-Only Insert Press In  
Filter-Only Inserts are designed for direct installation into manifolds, blocks, connectors and fittings. They are typically installed into brass, stainless, aluminum and plastic materials.


Filter Orifice Insert Press In  
Filter & Orifice Inserts come in a variety of sharp edge ruby orifice sizes from .0004" thru .035". Other orifice styles and types may also be available. Filtration is typically 5, 25 and 43 micron stainless steel wire mesh filters.  

Filter Orifice Insert Threaded  
Threaded Orifice & Filter Inserts are a convenient way of putting both a filter and orifice where they are needed. Thread sizes can be m3, 6-32 and 10-32 sizes. Orifices can range from .0004" thru .035 " in our sharp edge ruby series. In some cases the orifices can also be the conical style sapphire orifices in sizes .002 thru .033".  

Filter Orifice Insert Barbed  
Barbed Threaded Orifice & Filter Inserts come in stainless and brass. They are easily inserted with a light press fit into plastic materials. The barbs insure a positive seal.  

Filter Orifice Fitting and Connectors  
Listed here are a selected cross section of the possible Filter & Orifice fittings and Connectors that are possible. Most of Bird Filtered Orifice inserts will retrofit a number of the most popular commercially available stainless,brass and plastic fittings and connectors ,so if if you dont see it here just ask.  


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