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Bird Precision offers a wide variety of standard options in orifice hardware.
Bird sapphire and ruby orifices are swaged in place by a proprietary method for maximum strength and sealing.

Orifices are captured in an assortment of inserts for easy insertion , or installed complete in a host of fittings and connectors for plastic, stainless and brass tube applications.

Bird also retrofits customer supplied fittings and are happy to retrofit most commercially available fittings and connectors such as Swagelock, Smc and Parker .

If filtration is a concern, most of our products can include integral stainless wire mesh filters built in for maximum particulate protection. Micron ratings from 5 microns and up are standard.

Three distinct orifice products are stocked to cover most application needs , from low pressure leak detection and medical gas metering, to high pressure nozzle designs requiring chemical and wear resistance.

  1. .060 “diameter Sharp Edge Ruby orifice series
  2. .118” diameter Sharp Edge Ruby orifice series
  3. .087” diameter Conical Vee Entry orifice series

Sapphire and Ruby are identical materials, both single crystal materials are grown from the same base materials. The only difference is that Chromium is added to the growth process to turn the material color ruby red. Another term for this material is corundum.

This material is five times more abrasive resistant than carbide, it is zero porosity, high temperature tolerant, extremely chemical resistant (almost inert), and extremely hard (next to diamond).

Unlike almost all other orifice materials (except perhaps diamond) Sapphire and Ruby will stand up to even harsh environments without appreciable wear or corrosion of the orifice. Therefore the designer is insured that his calibrated instrument settings will not change once the product is shipped to the customer.

Surprisingly this material is very economical and available. Bird Precision stocks over 150 different orifices sizes.

These very durable orifices are currently used across the board in areas requiring the metering and precise control of gas and liquids. Applications to name a few are found in Hydraulic valves, hydrostatic bearings, medical gas valves, analytical instruments, pneumatics regulators, high pressure jets, leak detection, ink jet ,cell counting and medical instrumentation etc.

Please explore the wide range inserts, connectors and fittings that these orifices are available in or ask us about a custom retrofit.


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