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Fixed Valve Solves Scuba Design Trouble

In scuba diving, the scuba tank is the diver’s life source. When diving with mixed gases, it is essential that the diver can accurately sample the oxygen level before using the tank. Nitrox Technologies Inc. (NTI), a California-based manufacturer of air separation systems, was faced with the challenge of creating a highly accurate, yet cost effective, flow restrictor for use in their MAXO2 oxygen analyzer, used by divers the world over. They found their solution in a Bird Precision fixed ruby orifice with a diameter of 0.005”.

Needle valves are often used for flow restriction in other industries, but can be dangerous or even deadly in scuba applications because the rate of flow can be easily altered by one user without another’s knowledge. Bird Precision created for NTI a fixed ruby orifice that allowed for highly repeatable flow. The orifice provides a precise flow rate through the oxygen analyzer to insure stability and accuracy in the analysis of oxygen. This inexpensive and safe solution solved NTI’s problem with improved results.

Bird Precision of Waltham, MA creates a wide variety of orifices ranging in size from .0008” to .0350” that can be produced in high volume with extreme accuracy. Their orifices have been used in a variety of applications and industries in need of flow restriction, including medical equipment and instruments, OEM applications, aerospace equipment, transportation engines and parts, and many others.

Paul Bailio
Bird Precision
One Spruce Street
P.O. Box 540569
Waltham, MA 02454
800-370-6308 (fax)




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