Jewel Bearings


Pivots, Pinions & Shafts

To complement its line of precision jewel bearings, Bird Precision had become a leading supplier of precision pivots, pinions, shafts and roller bearings for domestic instrumentation needs. Our pivots, for example, are already being utilized in numerous precision instruments including panel meters, tachometers, fuel and pressure gauges, and dial name a few.

Shown here are various configurations. Bird supplies in Stainless Steel, Carbide, Tool Steel and Proprietary Alloys.

See our Vee Jewel PDF and Ring Jewel PDF to see a selection of stock pivots. 


Click a link below to view standard size listing for:
Standard Glass Vee Jewel Sizes
Standard Sapphire/Ruby Endstone Sizes
Standard Ruby and/or Sapphire Vee Jewel Sizes
Standard Olive Hole Ring Jewel Sizes


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