Jewel Bearings


Jewel Bearings

Jeweled bearing exhibit a rare combination of design characteristics that make them the bearing of choice over competing alternatives. 

Jeweled bearings are unparalleled in achieving extremely low break-away friction, long life, and the ability to withstand harsh environments.

Sapphire and Glass Vee’s are highly recommended in all low torque, low load, low speed or oscillating applications.

Ring Jewels, Sapphire, End Bearings, Rollers and Balls all fill the need for higher loads and speed. Because Sapphire is next to diamond in hardness, wear is negligible in normal usage. It is not unusual to find a precision Jeweled time piece from the turn of the century still keeping perfect time.

Sapphire is unaffected by acid or alkaline environments even at elevated temperatures. It is therefore in high demand for applications in Petrochemical, Process Control and Medical Instrumentation.

With melting temperatures over 2,000 degrees C, Jeweled Bearings find their way into some very hot situations. In applications where lubrication cannot be tolerated, perhaps because dust or debris in the instrument could cause contaminate build-up, Jeweled Bearings are a safe alternative.

Repeatability of tolerance, high surface finishes and close concentricity are other favorable plus points.

Click here to view a partial list of advantageous characteristics, making Jeweled Bearings a fascinating alternative to conventional miniature bearings choices.


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