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Jewel Bearings Design Guide Form

To help us better understand your particular needs, we have developed an easy-to-use Designers Guide which will lead you through some questions and concerns regarding your application. A representative will confirm receipt of this questionnaire within 24 hours; we will respond to your query with a custom solution and cost estimate as soon after that as possible. If you need a quicker response, either call 800-454-7369 (in MA, 781-894-0160) or fax this form to 800-370-6308 (in MA, 781-894-6308).

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Describe your application. List your concerns.
Operating speed requirement?
How much load? Thrust load and/or radial load?
What is the operating environment?
chemical    H>2O
saline medical
Will the bearing see vibration, shock, g forces?
yes >no
   Shock loading?
yes no
Please describe your friction needs:
Will this be sliding friction oscillating motion?
yes no
   Is starting torque an issue?
yes no
What type of jewel bearings are you considering?
ring jewels    vee jewels    sapphire balls
>cup jewels >thrust pads  
What kind of quantity are you looking for?
What are you using right now?
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire. Please submit a sketch via FAX or e-mail (we do accept .DWG AutoCAD). FAX: 1-800-370-6308, e-mail: A Bird Precision representative will be in touch with you shortly to offer specific recommendations and a cost estimate.



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