Jewel Bearings


Partial List of Jewel Bearing Characteristics
  • Repeatability and control tolerances, concentricity down to .0002"
  • Miniaturized down to .006" shaft sizes range through .125" typical
  • Low coefficient friction .10/.15 (steel on sapphire)
  • Excellent for low torque requirements, extremely low break-away friction
  • Performs best in low speed, oscillation applications
  • Extreme wear resistance, will not scratch, hardness next to diamond (1800 Knoop 9 Mohs)
  • Performs in hazardous environments, impervious to acid and alkaline
  • High temperature stability, fusion temperature 2050 C.
  • Can perform with or without lubricants
  • Volume production, variety of forms and types, holders
  • Cost typically 1/5 of conventional ball bearings, 10% cosst of Bendix Flexors
  • Can be shock mounted
  • Roundness down to .0002" typical
  • High compressive strength 300,000 PSI at 77 degrees F
  • Low elastic deformation


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